What is the Main Utility of the Fishing Rods for You

A well-known design of fishing rods is the telescopic rods. These devices have the advantage that they can be easily pushed together on a rather short transport length and, of course, can be set up quickly without major problems. These fishing rods are popular in the field of Coarse fishing, but there are also very stable telescopic rods with throw weights of 200 grams, which can therefore be used for surf fishing.

Detachable Rods

Hatching rods are widely used in fishing. These devices are assembled from two to three parts. These fishing rods are used for all kinds of fishing, such as basic fishing, spin fishing, boat and surf fishing. In former times, rods were often made of fiberglass. As a result, the devices were relatively heavy. Modern sticks are today made of carbon fiber. Since the fishing rod is hollow inside, it is also considerably lighter than a comparable full glass rod. Because interchangeable rods consist of only a few parts, the power transmission is better than with telescopic rods. So they are really the cool things for boats.

Fly Rods

A special design is the fly rod. It is only suitable for fly fishing with the fly reel and the artificial fly. Fly rods are easily recognized by the fact that the roll holder is at the end of the rod grip. Furthermore, fly rods have special rod rings, namely snake rings.

Special instructions

When buying or using the fishing rods, the following things should be considered:

Each fishing rod has information about the casting weight and length. For easy fishing for small white fish you use fishing rods with low casting weights, e.g. B. 10 to 20 grams, in order to throw the light bait still reasonable. The length of the device used depends, among other things, on the fishing spot. Among the fishing gadgets these are really important.

When surfing and boat fishing often heavy bait or lead with weights of 150 to 250 grams must be ejected. It is particularly important to ensure that the bait or lead weight does not exceed the permissible casting weight of the fishing tackle, otherwise it can lead to rod breakage and the uncontrolled flying around weight (lead or bait) can seriously injure the angler or other persons.

When buying fishing rods, you should pay attention to which fish the device should be used for, so that not inappropriate equipment is purchased. A good fishing tackle dealer will also advise a fishing novice accordingly.


When using multiple reels, care must be taken that the distance of the rod rings is such that the string does not rub on the rod blank during drilling, as the multiplier reel is mounted on the fishing rod instead of hanging like a stationary reel under the fishing rod.